cropped-jeremy_januarypr1.jpgI moved to Seattle from San Francisco in 1991 and was quickly bitten by the acting bug. I went to see an appearance by the cast of Saved by the Bell and the electricity in the room as they entered was powerful.

As a kid I had never been close to anyone famous and I had no idea of the impact a performer could make in person. I wanted people to respond to me that way.

Having no idea where to start or any training as a performer (other than a stint as Huey Lewis in a We are the World cover at my elementary school) I put the idea away.

It was the following year when I went to see a high school performance of Peter Pan that I was bitten again. The cast was exceptional as was the set and it awakened that longing to take the spotlight again and this time I couldn’t resist the urge.

I found out that the local newspaper had a small section dedicated to theatre and film auditions and I saw that a well respected company was doing Peter Pan the Musical and I called immediately to set up an audition.

I landed two roles in the show as a Lost Boy and the Crocodile and I loved the experience. I was invited back the next year to reprise both roles. I landed an agent, went on auditions and landed some more roles.

Fast forward to high school where the meanest clique in the place were the drama kids. Needless to say, that experience sapped my enjoyment of performing. And I quit again and focused on creative writing instead.

A couple years after high school I still considered myself an actor and decided to pursue it professionally. I auditioned and got into the NW Actors Studio two year conservatory program where I studied acting, Shakespeare, voice and discovered that I also loved writing plays.

A few years later I joined up with a playwriting group and got my first taste of not only being a produced playwright but also a producer. I learned some hard but valuable lessons from small audience turnout and I wanted to know how to change that.

I went back to school working towards a Marketing Management degree where I focused on Public Relations and Journalism. I even landed a staff position on the school newspaper.

While studying I found that there were so many things I wasn’t doing to promote my acting career and my production projects that I swore to myself right then and there I would learn all I could about promoting, engaging and building audiences.

I am still on that quest today. I have put together the January Agency to offer my knowledge to other artists and producers. I hope that in some way my efforts will not only help you but that it will also better our community, making it stronger and more profitable for artists.

The January Agency is an ongoing workshop in PR for artists and producers and I hope it helps bring you successes.