An actor arrives for an audition and stands on stage, his posture is weak, dialogue is mumbled and his eyes drift, focusing on nothing in particular.

The next actor takes the stage, he takes up space, his posture is strong and his body radiates energy, his lines are delivered clearly and assertively, his eyes are focused.

Which of these actors do you hire?

Both might be fantastic artists, one perhaps doesn’t audition well (some of us can relate) and both may be brilliant. But you’ll likely never know because out of these two actors, the one with presence is the one you cast.

It’s the same with your online presence.

As a casting director, are you going to cast the artist with no online presence, terrible head shots and a poorly designed resume? Or will you decide to work with that actor whose head shot and social media channels prove a strong presence and solid brand awareness?

As artists, we have to look at our social media channels as extensions of ourselves. For example, are you a Pinterest or an Instagram? The question may seem silly but what channels you choose to engage in will dictate what sort of audience you’re going to develop. Not all channels are good for all artists.

It’s not good enough to just show up on stage and mumble out your monologue, and it is no longer good enough to just throw together a Facebook fan page and direct casting directors and producers there.

As artists, our brand is an integral part of who we are. The social media presence that we develop absolutely must reflect this.

Spend time cultivating what everyone used to call “image” not only in your auditions, meetings and interviews but in your social media engagement and promotional materials, too.


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