Thank you so much for stopping by this brand new website and blog dedicated to public relations for artists and producers. I put this site together because as an artist I have struggled to build and engage audiences for years and I imagine you have, too.

I was tired of playing to near empty houses. I had no idea where to start building and engaging an audience as an actor and producer. I wanted to change that. I went back to school and studied public relations and communications mostly to figure out how to get people coming to my shows.

This site is an active workshop of ideas and discoveries that I hope will help you develop your own audiences, fans and success as an artist.

You’ll find plenty of original content here. From time-honored public relations advice to articles on the new PR, 21st century storytelling. You can use this information immediately to start engaging your public, build your audience, develop a fan base and get the word out about your next awesome production.

I’ll be learning right along side you on this new artistic venture. Please engage in the comments section, by email or on twitter @JanuaryAgency


Jeremy January


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