vaudeville-theatreThere was a time in the early 20th century when millionaires opened and invested in theaters across the country because it was profitable. They often produced Vaudeville shows which were so popular the producers decided to create Vaudeville circuits and actors were paid and their engagement with the show could last years.

Enterprising investors stuffed tons of money into Vaudeville and other theatrical productions and producing was a respected profession. It spawned unions. It made everyone money. It was professional.

Now in the 21st century theatre has very little money. Few millionaires invest in it, non union actors are rarely paid and union actors scrape by, often taking on day jobs. The dream of making a living in theatre has become unrealistic.

Now, if in the 21st century millionaires invested in theatres around the country and producers had money to pay their actors and crew like they did in the old days, theatre would again become a financial investment with good return. Artists could ditch their meaningless secretary and sales jobs and be actors, and be brilliant and dedicate their time to their art.

If money were put into theater, there would be money in doing theater. We need nothing short of a show business Renaissance.


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